This project is primarily focused on developing an application for use in a biology laboratory setting. Team members Vivek Chalasani, Aaron Jansen, and Mark Pfeffer are working for Dr. Darron Luesse of the Biology Department at SIUE to create this project. We are developing a system to automate the calculations that Dr. Luesse and his team have to perform on plant samples. Our goal is to create an open source, easy to use application that meets the needs of our client. Currently available applications that have similar functionality are either cost prohibitive, or difficult to use, often both. Also, other available software does not meet our client’s exact requirements. This program will allow the Gravitropism lab to get more accurate and consistent data from seedlings and adult plants, while significantly reducing the human effort that currently goes into making those measurements. Upon completion, we will have a fully formed software package that our client will use to increase the productivity of his lab. While Dr. Luesse and his team of graduates and undergrads are the intended users, the project will be open source and freely available for download by any interested parties.

Team Leader: Vivek Chalasani
Secretary: Mark Pfeffer
Researcher: Aaron Jansen