Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do I get an account to login to the computers?

    You need an SIUE "CAMPUS" account to logon in the computer labs. You can obtain an account by visiting or by calling the SIUE Information Technology Services (ITS) department at (618) 650-5500.

  • What computers are available to Computer Science students?

    Computer Science labs EB1036 and EB2029 are recommended for use by Computer Science students. EB1036 is open during normal building hours. EB2029 is open to Computer Science seniors and graduate students 24/7.

  • How do I get my computer account to work in the Computer Science labs?

    You must be officially enrolled in at least one Computer Science course.

  • How do I get free software from Microsoft?

    If you are enrolled in a Computer Science course, you can use the Electronic License Management System (ELMS) to download software through the Computer Science department's Microsoft Imagine subscription.


  • Is there a department-specific application form?

    No, we do not have a department-specific application form. All required application forms can be found under the Downloads and Forms page.

  • What are the department guidelines for filling the application?

    The department deadlines for filing complete application are earlier than the university deadlines. Please contact the Graduate Program Director ( for current deadlines.

  • Where do I send my application packet?

    All of the application materials should be sent to:

    Office of Graduate and International Admissions
    Box 1047
    Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
    Edwardsville, IL 62026-1047

    Fax: 618-650-2081
    Phone: 618-650-3160

  • How does the admission process work at SIUE?

    For graduate degree seeking applicants, SIUE has a two stage admission process. First, an application file is reviewed for general admission criteria by the Graduate Admissions Office. Second, if the applicant meets general admission criteria, a copy of the application file is forwarded to the major department for academic admissibility review. The department will then make a decision based on its review criteria and the number of slots available for the particular semester. As a result, meeting the department's minimum requirements does not guarantee an admission. Only the most qualifying candidates will be admitted.

  • Do I need to have a BS/BE Degree in Computer Science?

    You do not need a BS/BE Degree in computer science provided you have taken all (or at least most) of the prerequisite courses. If you lack some of the prerequisites you can still be admitted but you are required to complete the prerequisite courses before enrolling for the graduate level courses which need those prerequisites.

  • What is the minimum GPA requirement?

    A minimum GPA of 2.75 on 4.0 scale is a must. For students from countries where this scale is not used, an equivalent score is acceptable. For example, for students from India, a first class in BE/BS is a minimum requirement, though a distinction is preferable.

  • What departmental code do I use for reporting GRE/TOEFL scores?

    Use 1759, the institution code for Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville. It is not necessary to include a departmental code.

  • Do you accept the photocopies of my GRE/TOEFL scores?

    Only official GRE/TOEFL score reports are accepted.

  • Do I need to take the GRE Computer Science Subject Test?

    No, the GRE Computer Science Subject Test is not necessary.

  • How many recommendation letters are required?

    We no longer require recommendation letters for international applicants. However, applicants who have studied in the US are encouraged to provide up to three letters of recommendation.

  • I am an international student currently residing in the US. Do I need to take TOEFL?

    If you have enrolled in a US graduate school for two successive semesters prior to the term for which you are applying or if you have a BS/BE from a US school you do not need to take TOEFL.

  • I am a transfer student. How many credit hours can I transfer?

    You can transfer up to nine credit hours of graduate/senior undergraduate level with grades A or B, subject to the approval of the Graduate Program Director.

  • What are the course concentrations offered?

    We currently offer course concentrations in Networks and Data Communications, Software Engineering, Databases, Data Mining, Computation and Simulation, Artificial Intelligence: Robotics, Artificial Intelligence: Machine Learning, and Computer Graphics/Image Processing. See Degree Programs > Graduate Programs for more details.

  • Am I allowed to take any courses from outside the department?

    You can take one elective course from outside the CS department (see list below). You can take additional outside electives if the courses are considered part of the concentration and approved by your concentration chair.

    Approved outside electives:

    • ECE 438-3 Digital Image Processing
    • ECE 439-3 Computer Vision
    • ECE 577-3 Advanced Network Engineering
    • CMIS 540-3 Management of Information Systems Development
    • CMIS 565-3 Oracle Database Administration

  • Am I eligible for graduate assistantship/financial aid?

    We offer assistantships primarily to graduate students who have completed at least one semester in the Computer Science graduate program. Students holding a graduate assistantship get a complete tuition fee waiver plus a monthly stipend.

  • I am unable to enroll for the semester for which I got admission. Can I defer my admission to the next semester?

    The admission stands valid for two terms after the term for which you were initially admitted. But you need to inform the school about your inability to enroll and when you wish to enroll for the classes. If you do not provide this information within two months of commencement of classes, your admission stands canceled.