Department Mission

  1. To produce and deliver high quality education programs at the baccalaureate level and the masters level and to engage in high quality research and scholarly activities.
  2. To produce graduates who have the knowledge and skills to succeed in the technological workplace of the 21st century. This requires implementing a curriculum that builds problem-solving skills, leadership and teamwork skills, communication skills, that provides a firm grasp of the principals of ethical behavior and professional integrity, and that encourages a determination to engage in life-long learning.
  3. To maintain a high quality faculty who make significant efforts toward their own professional development in teaching (both in educational pedagogy and in important new technological developments) and in research and scholarly activities. The faculty should serve as good role models for the students.
  4. To maintain a high level of interaction between students and faculty. This requires that the student to faculty ratio should be kept low, particularly in the junior and senior classes. In addition, the number of advisees for which a faculty member is responsible should be moderate so that faculty can provide individual guidances to students in their course planning and their careers.
  5. To engage in service roles as they relate to educational and research activities within the School, the University, and appropriate professional organizations within the global community. This includes actively encouraging interdisciplinary activities with a strong computing component.

Department of Computer Science Working Papers (11-16-2005):