Degree Programs

Undergraduate Programs

There are nearly 400 students majoring in Computer Science. The Department of Computer Science at SIUE offers two undergraduate curricula, one leading to the Bachelor of Science (BS) degree and the other to the Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree. The curricula have been designed to provide students with a solid foundation from which they can grow and change with the constantly changing discipline of computing. A Minor in Computer Science is also offered for those students who wish to further their understanding of computers to enhance their other academic endeavors.

Graduate Programs

The Department of Computer Science in the School of Engineering offers a Master of Science (MS) degree in Computer Science. The MS in CS program embodies both applied and theoretical components, but focuses solidly on applied areas of computer science such as artificial intelligence, database management systems, computer system architectures, data communications and computer networks, computer graphics, and software engineering.

Students who complete the degree program will be prepared for positions such as software developer, consultant, systems programmer, project leader, application software specialist and for advanced graduate work.

In addition to the Master's degree, the CS program offers specialized course sequences for those who are not pursing an advanced degree, but wish to update their knowledge of computing in specific areas.